Night Clock

Night Clock

نسخهٔ ۱.۱۳۵
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۹ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۳ فروردین ۱۴۰۳
Night Clock

Night Clock

نسخهٔ ۱.۱۳۵
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۹ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۳ فروردین ۱۴۰۳
مشاهده‌ی نتایج بررسی آنتی‌ویروس

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Night Clock , you can customize Clock like your style with multiple features.

Night clock Since 2017:
Night clock is a Smart and Advance Night clock. Night clock is work as Screen Saver and Live Wallpaper application for mobile phone and Smart watch, which contains cool features like set alarm.
See Mobile clock time with Night watch at Night Time without open mobile lock with Night clock Screen Saver feature.
Smart Night watch has best number of clock faces live wallpaper & screen saver.
Set night clock live wallpapers and night clock widget for android phone and tablet devices.
Night clock application Alarm feature is Free of costs turns in to your android mobile to a beautiful digital clock and alarm clock for free.
Night Clock Alarm Clock migrate your android mobile devices into the alarm clock that brings you simple and pure Material Design UI alarm experience to you by combining powerful and customisation features and clean interface.

You can set your Night clock display time in different time format, choose from 12 or 24 hour -time format.
It’s a depend on your wish, which you like a time format.
Adjust Night clock screen saver and alarm clock with different time format.
The Digital LED clock makes the application attractive and useful especially in night time

Best Night Analog & Digital clock 2020 :
Night Analog Clock - Live Wallpaper is simple clock with attractive and modern HD designs of Analog Clock Designs. Night Analog Clock application can also be used as a night clock a free night clock app to get customized clock with multiple colors, fonts, styles, hands and advanced features.

Analog, Digital, Minimal, Roman clock face, Widget and Screen Saver :
Analog, Digital, Minimal, Roman clock Screen Saver and Widget is a mobile home screen date and time widget as well screen saver for Android.
It looks just like the one on the phone unlock or lock screen.
Make your mobile phone screen look beautiful with this stylish Analog, Digital, Minimal, Roman clock for Android.
Digital Clock LED Classic is a style digital clock for your screen. This is free and highly customized live wallpaper. Decorate your phone screen with digital date and time clock and be proud of having the best-looking home screen.

You can use night clock as live wallpaper, lock screen, widgets home screen for android. It supports all android mobile and tablet devices.
We are providing all kinds of beautiful clock faces and screen saver for you to choose. We design all kinds of night clock stylish faces for you. It’s suitable for all the people no matter you’re cool or you like simple. We can satisfy you all with our beautiful clock faces and customisation settings.
You can change night clock wallpaper and screen saver it with just single click. This free app offers you beautiful HD analog clock as well digital clock wallpapers and widgets.
We hope you will enjoying Night clock.

Features of night clock :
🕓 Set Mobile phone or tablet Live Wallpaper.
🕓 Several customize and advance night clock live wallpapers.
🕓 customize color of Night Clock & Widget which you wish for Text, Second ,Minute ,Hours, Number and Background.
🕓 Find a beautiful and unique experience of the night clock and night watch wallpapers & screen savers.
🕓 Very small and LITE in size and low on memory background clock and live wallpaper application.
🕓 Make unlimited combinations of night clock faces with advance customize night clock features.
🕓 Share the unique mobile background experience with colleagues, Friends and family.
🕓 Fast and effective application on all android mobile and tablet devices.
🕓 Night clock live wallpaper application is free of cost and HD wallpapers.
🕓 Resize and customize clock position as per you need for your mobile and tablet home screen.
🕓 Set Night Clock with multiple Languages like English, Arabic, Bangla, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati

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