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Train Smart. Play Smart. Monitor each of your daily activities with Playermaker mobile app. Build your Individual development plan to become a better player. Access performance metrics across your physical ability and technical skills.

Monitor your progress over time: The only way to see personal progress is to track, monitor and analyse every activity over time. Easily access all your data and beat your personal best in your physical and technical ability.

Measure and Compare Training and Game Performances: Pin-point strengths and weaknesses in your training sessions and game performances. Identify key skill areas that you need to work on to become a better player.

It is all about taking ownership of your own skills development and success. The Playermaker app will allow you to hit your goals from game to game.

The wearable performance tracking and monitoring choice of athletes around the world:

* TRACK performance and progress using data

* UNDERSTAND strengths and weaknesses

* IMPROVE your game over time - playing tempo, involvement, balance, work rate, agility and speed

* OPTIMIZE injury risk reductions strategies

* SHARE AND COMPARE sessions and data with teammates, coaches and scouts

Playermaker utilizes smart motion sensors attached directly onto players’ boots, the platform uses AI and machine learning algorithms to present unparalleled insights on player performance. A player can purchase the Playermaker portable case that hosts a pair of sensors for their right and left leg. After any type of training session or match, indoors or outdoors; players will be able to connect to the Playermaker app on their mobile and sync their data.