Timetable: a lovely scheduler

Timetable: a lovely scheduler

نسخه ۱.۷
نصب فعال

Do you need a timetable for school work? Do you want some discipline in your life? This free app allows you to browse and manage your repetitive tasks at once with its beautiful and functional UI.

A widget that shows your daily schedule at one glance. It will be one click's away from you to improve your life.

The app boasts a simple, elegant UI.

• How to use the timetable
- Timetable for a secondary school or university scheduler
- Workshop scheduler
- Vacation scheduler
- Regular scheduling

* Functions
- It allows for easy setting for 0 to 24 hours.
- You can freely select the day of the week from Monday to Sunday.
- It offers a widget UI for a quick access to your schedule.

This app will be an invaluable tool for your daily life with busy, repeated tasks.

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