Artica: Photo Editor Photo Filters, Collage Maker

Artica: Photo Editor Photo Filters, Collage Maker

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Artica: Unlimited creation for your photos!
Artica is a professional and all-in-one photo editor free app. Just take a photo or select a picture from the gallery, the frame photo app will turn it into a masterpiece in a snap. With the perfect set of edit photo HD tools, you will be free to create and edit pictures as you like. Let’s try impressive photo effect HD, cameras with divine filters, photo collage maker free, edit photo background and more.

We bring powerful edit photos tools:
✔️ HD filter photo editor:
+ More than 10+ high quality photo filter: Film, Mood, Vintage, Landscape, Retro, FX ....
+ Photo filters and effects make photos more artistic.

✔️ Adjust: You can customize:
+ Exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation
+ Temperature, shades and colors
+ Sharpness, pixelated …

✔️ Sticker photo editor and add sticker maker
+ Lovely and cute sticker store: Crown, Glass, Flower, Hat, Makeup...
+ Add stickers to pictures and add sticker on photo to make pictures very lively and attractive

✔️ Photo frame picture editor:
+ Insert, merge frame pictures, synthesize 20+ beautiful photo frame 2020.

✔️ Sketch photo maker and HD pencil sketch photo editor
+ Turn photos into photo sketch, turn photos into art masterpieces with photo sketch editor
+ We provide 10 pencil photo sketch HD effects for you to choose and create: Gray, Soft Sketch, Color Sketch ....

✔️ Crop:
+ Cut photos, cut to the ratio: 1: 1, 3: 4, 4: 3, 16: 9, 9:16 or rounded.
+ Crop photos to suit your needs

✔️ Draw photo editor:
+ Draw on the image
+ Options of color and size of paint strokes

✔️ Orientation:
+ Rotate photos, reverse photos

✔️ Add text to photos:
+ Text on photos with font and style
+ Edit with colors, fonts, background and text layout
+ Send thought messages when inserting text into photos

✔️ Edit photo insert picture:
+ Edit photo on photo
+ Simply select another photo and insert it into your desired position

✔️Blur photo remover:
+ Blur photo editor automatic blur image background
+ Blend and blur photo background and shift focus to specific subjects

✔️ Round: rounded corners

✔️ Remove background
+ Delete photo background
+ Easily retain the desired part

More than a normal blur photo collage app, we provide a comprehensive photo effects editor solution. With this powerful editing tool, it will be simple for you to own thousands of likes or millions of likes on social networks. Especially after editing is complete, you can save high quality photos or share quickly with friends. Right now, install our photo filter app, edit photos and share your masterpiece with the world!

In addition, the effect photo app also has other great photo functions such as:
✔️ Camera: take and adjust. Snap a picture and edit as you like
✔️ Collage maker photo free: choose photos and choose a photo collage layout to stitch photos. We help you mix and match photo collage grids.
✔️ Studio: store photos after editing photo collage pictures

Install and experience the collage maker quick grid app now. If you have any questions or comments about the frame photo collage application, leave a comment below. Thank you!