Design Slime Toys Factory: DIY Squishy Jelly Fun

Design Slime Toys Factory: DIY Squishy Jelly Fun

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Design Slime Toys Factory is a DIY squishy jelly making game for girls! Do you want to learn how to make slime? Play slime maker simulation games & try new methods of making squishy jelly in your factory. Choose from multiple slime toys, learn different techniques, create amazing DIY jelly slimes. Bring out your artistic creativity and make slime in various shapes from your factory. Be the pro toy maker & designer in Design Slime Toys Factory game.

Slime games for girls are the best way to make slime through the toy makers simulator. Just follow instructions and get the perfect jelly slime in large quantities to pack and play. Collect all ingredients like glue, starch, water, color, shaving foam & toothpaste etc. Add all the ingredients in a big bowl. Mix them well & pour into shapes mold. Make slime Jelly in slime maker game for girls. Decorate with shiny glitters, stickers & beads. If you've already played jelly games, you will love Design Slime Toys Factory. This creative toy making simulation game teaches how to make slime in the easiest way. Play DIY slime games free & start creating colorful squishy slimes.

Buy ingredients to make squishy super slime after shopping from super mall and then pay the bill. Enjoy the mini DIY game of toys. Little designers love to play with cute squishy toys. Earn coins and unlock other various slime items to play with them. Enjoy slimy unicorn with different colors but before playing with all these slimes. Let’s add the glitter decorations as well.

Let's enjoy slime games & have slime making DIY fun.

Design Slime Toys Factory Features:

- Learn slime toy making game
- Beautiful slime maker levels
- Bright visuals & graphics
- Cool sound effects

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