Old Car Crusher Crane Operator & Dump Truck Driver

Old Car Crusher Crane Operator & Dump Truck Driver

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Get set to operate monster car crusher crane and destroy wrecked cars in destruction junkyard. Play Old Car Crusher Crane Operator 3D simulator game and drive monster trucks & operate gigantic cranes to demolish junk cars in extreme demolition gameplay. Be a real dumper truck driver to transport scrap for recycling purpose and complete crane missions in latest junk car shredder game.

Scrap car crusher crane has extreme shredder machine that crush and demolish wrecked cars. Become heavy crusher operator for transforming wrecked car into scrap bits. The impossible car shredder has a grinder with crushing machinery surrounding it. Show eagerness of crushing junk cars with majestic crane operating missions and garbage truck driving. Operate magnetic grapple crane to lift rusty cars and drop them in car shredder. Turn on crusher machine to demolish rusty cars into scrap bits. Collect scrap metal in dumper truck and transport junk to a dump site for recycling purpose. Drive cargo pickup truck from auto repair shop to junkyard and continue crane missions while crushing wrecked cars.

Show pickup truck driving and crane operator skills to drive heavy lifter crane & city builder vehicles. Learn to operate majestic tower crane and drive hinge trailer trucks in spectacular city. Grab steering wheel of a real dump truck to transport garbage and car junk at dumping site. Forget those bridge builder and city construction simulator games. Play first ever tower crane sim and enjoy working in multiple roles. Get into the cabin and operate new trailer truck & magnetic grapple crane from junkyard to lift up broken vehicles. Manoeuvre construction vehicles to transport scrap metal to recycling plant. Drive dumper truck towards dumping site and avoid hitting in obstacles.

Old Car Crusher Crane Operator Game Features:
Extreme trucking and scrap car shredding missions
Operate multiple tower cranes like magnetic lifter & muscle car shredder
Drive monster trucks and control heavy duty machinery
Realistic old car destruction backyard with massive environment
Real vehicles physics and flawless driving controls
High quality 3D graphics with amazing sounds

Download Old Car Crusher Crane Operator 3D simulator game and enjoy unique & timeless gameplay of driving demolish cars & gigantic cranes.

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