Mortal Doll Survival Challenge

Mortal Doll Survival Challenge

نسخه ۰.۷
نصب فعال
۱۲۴ مگابایت

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With 456 Players are immersed in thrilling new simulation games that awaken your survival instincts. Your life is at stake! The best game includes all thrilling challenges and super enjoyable Squid game.
Attention game lovers! Take down your opponent in the game 123 stops.
Enjoy the real fun from the red light game by following the instructions and don't be last - or you will die.
- Green light - Red light
- Dalgona candy break
- Marbles fight
- Shattered lass bridge

How to play?
>> Run for your life!
>> Red light - hold the phone!
>> Endure!
>> Red light, Green light
>> Sugar Beehive
>> Stop at red light
>> Continue when the green light is on

Mortal Doll Survival Challenge is the best runner game you will ever play. What are you waiting for? Download Mortal Doll Survival Challenge game and challenge yourself.