Meditation Game

Meditation Game

نسخه ۱.۳۷
نصب فعال

Meditation Game is an interactive experience that helps you relax and get into a more meditative state.

It introduces meditation to those who haven't tried it before and helps those who want to practice meditation but at times find it too hard to close their eyes and just sit quiet.

More experienced meditators can use it as another form of walking meditation, where you use the experience of walking as your focus.

- Features -

The game is completely free and always will be.
There are no ads and no data mining whatsoever.

You control the game by tilting your device, with an on-screen joystick or touch controls.

The game contains:

- Awareness, Existence Love, Wisdom and Silence meditations

- Two soothing soundtracks

- Translations in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Romanian Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Serbian, Polish, Czech, African, Hindi, Thai, Greek, Farsi, Catalan, Hungarian, Indonesian

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