Siren sounds set: emergency siren vehicle system

Siren sounds set: emergency siren vehicle system

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The application siren sounds set: police siren SGU siren and spec signals remotes flashes - this is a large set of special sounds made design in the form of a remote control panel for sirens and flashing lights installed in spec services machines.

This app was created as entertainment for fans of various sound sirens, especially for fans of a police siren.

In game SGU Siren and Spec Signals Remotes present 9 most popular remotes system of special signals - police siren, ambulance siren, and others siren horns and spec signals.

Also, for a more realistic effect, added the ability to turn on the flash camera of the phone. Flash camera works in several modes. Turn on the flash while the sound of the siren is on and there will be a strobe effect.

Emergency Vehicle Siren System with Horn and PA Microphone It is possible to use microphone device sgu siren. Press microphone button on the remote control and speak. Do not release the microphone button and after a few seconds, you will hear recorded words.

The game police siren and special vehicles uses large number special sounds: yelp, horn - quack, hi-lo, wail, wa.wa, manual siren horns and other popular siren sounds. Connect your device to home audio system or car audio system via aux or bluetooth and joke on friend or peoples.

Sounds voice commands of service are available - police.

In the application, there are special signals for quacks flashers, real 3D models are used with the console, animation buttons, a convenient and intuitive interface are made. For each radio there is an instruction the buttons. In manual siren, real quality sounds are used.

Police siren SGU Sirens game features - Special signals Flashing lights:

- real 3d models with remote control
- signals of special cars
- large set of sounds: yelp, horn, hi-lo, wail, wa.wa
- police siren car kit
- ambulance siren
- car siren
- fire trucks
- use camera flash for better effect
- microphone operation mode

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