3 Days to Die - Escape Horror Game

3 Days to Die - Escape Horror Game

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Are you ready to face the True Horror?

3 Days To Die - Get Ready to experience a true Scary Horror Game Adventure on Android for free.

Haunted House Escape Story :

You are stuck in a dark haunted house of your spooky neighbor Jason on the Friday, your life is literally hanging off the balance on the 13th.

You have only three days to escape from Jason’s Haunted House or Jason will kill you before the next Friday, Freddy’s house is dangerous. If he finds you before the 13th then the horror escape adventure will have finished before five days at horrifying house. Unlike granny game, evil nun game, the 13th game, Freddy’s game and others, you ll find him far too ferocious and cunning in the dark time. Hide anywhere at granny house adventure place, to get yourself safe and you also need to find keys to open certain doors and to solve puzzle to escape from that maniac clown. Beware of horror magic of Giant granny at Freddy’s house on the 13th.

His soul is filled with dark rage who lives in new horror island with jason, he is a dead meat boy, he enjoys killing and eating meat, he is pure evil of the 13th Friday jason and his presence spreads oppressive fear and deadly horror on the 13th. Try to shelter yourself from his gaze or you’ll get nightmare for days or may be for weeks filed at horror Freddy’s.

He hears everything in this horrifying game, he is a very intelligent killer loves meat with an unmatchable desire for blood in horrifying mode on the 13th, On Friday he is following every single one of your moves with bloodthirsty wishes, every step before the morning can take a life, every glimpse of hope you have of escaping in this bloodthirsty game at the 13th, every instant getting closer to his objective, You!

You have been given 3 days or 5 days at night before the 13th with Jason and Freddy, during which u need to find the keys. Don’t forget that this adventure can’t be prolong to a , so you have been extra cautious if you want to live, be your own teacher to solve puzzle and discover your way out of scary neighbor haunted house, Don't be afraid by the horror sounds of Freddy’s for the, 3 days or 5 days and so on.

Use everything to survive from this bloodthirsty giant in this creepy scary haunted house of Jason. Do not let your fear overcome you on the Friday with Jason, hide from the wrath of evil Jason. Explore cautiously through the dark scary decaying rooms of your neighbor house in search of unlocked doors or windows.

The dead silence sending shivers down your spine as your heart thumps in horror. Find the escape route from inside scary jason pennywise house, look for clues, hidden objects and keys before evil jason find you and escape rooms.

You will have to use all the tools that you have at your hand to complete the puzzle that will help you get out of scary neighbor jason pennywise house.
You must be very careful at clues and at small differences, to think logical at how to escape quickly from this haunted house.

The faster your heartbeat, the closer the killer is to you! Use headphones to hear heartbeat better

- It includes a “ghost mode” in case that your neighbor can't put up with your screams for fear. Hours and hours of fun and horror guaranteed to be a true hero, beat evil Jason, find the keys and complete whole game.

Features of 3 Days to Die - Scary Horror Escape Game:

- Quality 3D haunted house graphics.
- Deadly horror Villain.
- Horror and Interesting Game Levels.
- Dark, fearful and scary atmosphere.
- Psycho and evil person in this horror game.
- Good Scary Realistic Music.
- Enjoy the nerve-racking gameplay.
- Seeking spooky hidden objects that located in surrealistic scenes.

Download now the 3 days to die - horror escape game and enjoy the spooky themed haunted house escape story game where Jason, Your crazy neighbor is out for your life, and you have only 3 days to escape in this horror game!

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