Poly Art Glitter: Color by Number, Coloring Puzzle

Poly Art Glitter: Color by Number, Coloring Puzzle

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Poly Art Glitter coloring pages allows you to color a number of pictures with shiny glitters and place polygon pieces like a puzzle.It's a great way to relieve stress,unleash your creativity and relax and stay calm.Choose from a number of colored pages in the app to create your own artwork like an artist.

Poly Art provides jigsaw and coloring puzzles of various glitter styles,which could be traditional painting,isometric illustration,pop cartoon etc.Try this new one with amazing artworks & jigsaw puzzle art game!Low poly coloring of unicorn poly art, whale, dragon, panda and other things color by number.

This app is packed with tons of different glitter coloring pages categorized in themed sets like colorful Animals’ portraits,exotic geometric Birds and Plants that will give you a wonderful eye-catching visual satisfaction.

How to play:
- Drag polygon glittered pieces and place them in the correct area.
- Identify the target area either by number,color or shape.
- Play like a jigsaw puzzle.

- Paint so easily by choosing a right number color and place it on same number boxes.
- Trains your concentration and steadiness or just want to color your own way,practice your drawing and coloring skill.
- Enjoy creating anti-stress pixel art.
- Perfect relaxing way to become the master of your own mind.
- PolyArt also helps children develop better hand-eye coordination and recognition of shape and number.
- Finger Coloring Experience by dragging your finger on the screen.
- It allows you to express feelings, fears and thoughts.

PolyArt Glitter Color by number is a best way to teach kids step by step polygonal art making with basic letter recognition.It is a great anti stress game & develop your drawing skills.It’s fun for adults & kids to try to finish the drawing by completing the pieces of artworks.Lets start glitter coloring polyart images and you will see how much this coloring art therapy works in relieving your stress.

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