IFC Markets Trading Terminal

IFC Markets Trading Terminal

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Unique trading-analytical software of a new generation offers a broad range of trading and account management solutions for various financial instruments.

With IFC Markets Trading Terminal, you don't need to stay near your computer, but take an opportunity of making deals on the financial markets from anywhere in the world.

IFC Markets Trading Terminal is highly functional and convenient for every trader. The mobile platform enables all the basic functions of a full scale stationary platform, such as:
* Quick setting up of Real and Demo accounts,
* Simple opening and closing of trading positions,
* Placing and/or removing orders, a Trailing-Stop mode,
* Orders' and trading history,
* Monitoring of a price change per trading instrument in the Market Watch,
* Monitoring of changes in the trading account in the Margin Analysis,
* Display of charts,
* Using technical indicators and graphical objects,
* Various interface settings.

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