Joy Box: puzzles all in one

Joy Box: puzzles all in one

نسخه ۱.۱۰.۸
نصب فعال

This is an addictive puzzle game collection.

Game Features:
- Easy to learn and master.
- Get free daily rewards.
- No time limit. You can play this game all day.
- No wifi required, offline games, you can play anytime, anywhere.
- Compete with players around the world.
- Support more than 20+ languages.

Joy Box currently includes:
● Block Puzzle
The blocks that have been placed in position can be moved and rotated by touching them,
and if you can fill all the spaces with blocks, you've cleared that stage of the game.

● Connect Lines
Connect the color dots! Pair the different color dots to fill the entire board.

● Star Popper
Just find the stars of the same color on the board and then click to eliminate them.
The more stars you eliminate and the less stars you left on the screen, the higher score you get!
Reach the target points and proceed to next stage.

● Color needle
You need to seize the moment and insert the needle into the spinning disc.
Be careful not to hit other needles.

● More
There are more fun games waiting for you to challenge.

Have fun!

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