City 2048 new Age of Civilization Building Empires

City 2048 new Age of Civilization Building Empires

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Merge the same blocks together into more advanced buildings and build from a small town up to the greatest cities of the human civilization! With a simple swipe build the greatest empires the human history has ever witnessed and become the best town builder in the world!

City 2048: new Age of Civilization Building Deluxe is a unique take on the original 2048 game. With excellent graphics, environment and unique unlockable eras. With a simple slide, you can fuse the same buildings and create the greatest cities and civilizations. Starting from the early ages of the human history, building great cities and historical monuments you can unlock different eras build empires and experience the next evolution of the puzzle game 2048 with a whole new take on the original concept and some unique new tricks and features.

City 2048: new Age of Civilization Building Deluxe has unique new features that bring the 2048 puzzle experience to a whole new level and gives you the power to reach, unthinkable until now, new levels and keep you hooked for hours. The new exciting challenges and features give the game a whole new feeling and very addictive gameplay that will ensure that you will never be bored again.

* The unique new features include:
* Unlockable eras with increasing difficulty. You have to complete the current age to unlock the next one. Every new stage is more challenging and thrilling than the previous one.
* Unique environment for every age! Not only the buildings are different, but the whole environment. This makes the immersion into the era of the current epoch much more exciting and enjoyable.
* Different magic powers to help you with your strategy to build the greatest cities through the history of the mankind civilizations.

* Very easy gameplay! Playing with only one hand and one thumb.
* Swipe tiles to merge them into new more advanced buildings!
* Build a great architectural wonders at the end of every stage to unlock the next one!
* Be the best city builder the mankind has ever seen!
* Take a journey through the ages and travel from the dawn of man in the early stone age through great empires up to the modern era and beyond!

* Unique power items to help you with your strategic moves on your city building journey. The powers are collectible through the game play as small present packages or as well on daily basis as a daily present.
* Undo to recover your mistakes from a bad situation or a wrong move
* Destroy a building - wipes out building like a cleaner to make more place in your town for the next strategic move
* Evolve and upgrade - like having a magic wand, upgrade a building instantly to the next stage to grow your city faster
* Swap the places of two buildings for a better strategic advantage

* Three different and unique themes with different environments to explore. Every evolution 2048 stage has its own graphic environment, city and epoch style and music.
* Stone age and antique - starting with the dawn of mankind and first humans up to the some of the greatest architectural achievements in the Roman empire
* Middle ages - build great stone houses, castles and cathedrals to reach the top of this era
* Industrial age - build a great city with some of the greatest architectural accomplishments of the industrial revolution. Build modern houses, factories, skyscrapers and much more.
* Modern age and space age are coming soon.
* Compete against players from all over the world through the integrated high score rank list. Achieve the highest score and build the greatest city and best civilization possible!

* Great music:
Lord of the Land, Tempting Secrets and Danger Storm
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0