BLW Music Visualizer Wallpaper

BLW Music Visualizer Wallpaper

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BLW is a beautiful customizable live wallpaper maker with lots of prebuilt themes and music visualizer. You can change nearly everything, creating the most beautiful and compelling live wallpaper to you. Also, our unique dynamic music visualizations will react to any music or sound coming from your device, making your home screen alive.

Main features:
- One of a kind, colorful live wallpaper generator with smooth OpenGL animations
- Crystal clear animations in native platform quality (HD, fHD or higher)
- Reacts to any music or audio you are listening - with several music visualizer: pulsing shapes, bars (FFT - spectrum analyzer) and line of lighting (waveform)
- Customizable floating shapes (type, number, size)
- Changeable color palette (3 fluently blending colors)
- What you see is what you get editor - see changes immediately!
- Displays clock/time (12h or 24h) or song metadata (if available) when you are listening to music
- Many prebuilt themes, ability to create unlimited number of themes for free
- Theme randomizer - lacking inspiration? Try that feature!
- Low RAM usage and battery consumption - the beautiful wallpaper is only active when it is visible
- Vertical and horizontal orientations fully supported.
- Works perfectly on smartphones AND tablets
- No advertisements!

This LWP creator application requires permission to record audio (to react to audio) only for the music visualizations (and getting music spectrum), it does not require access to camera nor listens through microphone.

To set it as wallpaper just launch the app. Remember to go into the live wallpaper settings to configure it!

If you are interested in brand new features and betas, join the G+ community:

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