Football Kits Quiz

Football Kits Quiz

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Football Kits, Soccer Jerseys, Footy Shirts - whatever you call them, our new quiz game: Football Kits Quiz brings you the latest Jerseys from the top 5 leagues so that you can guess the name of football clubs.

This game will be updated frequently with the latest jersey, more question about football shirts .

You can test your football knowledge and guess the football teams from their jerseys.

How to play?
+ You will click to play quiz.
+ The next screen you will got the first question. Football question about Kits of a football Club.
+ Choose your club which you think the Football shirts of that question is belong to that club.
+ You will get your score, the notification - you will know your answer will be wrong or right.
+ At the end, you will see your score.

+ Modern UI for quiz.
+ Easy to select football quiz
+ Quality images of soccer jerseys for football shirts.

This game is free and keep be updated
Thanks for playing this game. Have a good relax time.