Dinosaur Era : Survival Game

Dinosaur Era : Survival Game

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Dinosaur Era: Survival Game is an amazing simulation game from MTS Free Games. Do you want to be a hunter or prey in this exciting dino era survival gameplay? In this simulation game you can meet long extinct dinos like the huge T-Rex, Raptor, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus &Titanosaurs. Play as real dino and destroy the city to complete the task within the given time. Explore the huge city with your giant dinosaur destroying all the obstacles in the city.

In the forest game adventure, you have to hunt small dinos or targets given to kill. This is an endless gameplay with targets to hunt, kill and eat in the given time to keep your energy level up to survive.
Enjoy the unique gameplay with a thrilling experience captured just for you. Hunt or be hunted to survive in each level.
Install & play the awaited hunting simulation game Dinosaur Era: Survival Game for dino lovers.

Dinosaur Era: Survival Game Features:

*It’s a Free Simulation Game
*Unique missions to play
*Amazing vertical ramps
*Awesome driving controls
*Unlock 20+ vehicles to play
*Unique targets to hunt
*Amazingly realistic physics
*Score bonus points and rewards
*Best Dino Games

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