Funny Personalized GIF Maker

Funny Personalized GIF Maker

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LOL yourself and Share with friends

Do you want to create your own GIFs to make someone laugh?

Put your friends photo or yourself on a GIF, create personalized GIF and share with friends.

We have prepared a funniest variety of GIF templates. DIY GIFs allow you to put your own photo in the GIF.

Everyone can choose your selfie or other photos for making GIFs.

1. Choose a GIF template.
2. Take a selfie or choose a photo.
3. Cut out the headshot.
4. Add your headshot into GIF template.
5. Share or save GIFs on social network.

The funniest GIFs to share on social media. Get more likes..

Funny Gifs is a collection of the best Funny (animated Gifs) that can be personalized with your own photos and are easy to share with friends in social networks.

So have some fun, just download this funny gif app and share your own funny animated gif to everyone.

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