My Location

My Location

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نصب فعال

With new features in the app you can now track your dear ones on real time. You need to add them in your friend list once they are added to your friend list you should be able to track them.

This application also informs you about the latitude, longitude of your current location. If internet connection is available, you can also get the address of your location.

On enabling GPS it will give you the most accurate location. You can share the location via SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Google+, Skype, Twitter, and more.

Parents can also use this application to check the location of their children. They will have to install the this application in their children’s phone and after login to the app, they needs to add them in their friend list. However there is currently limit of 5 friends to be added, in coming version that limit will be increased.

Many time people put the address of their business property on their websites but they don't provide the exact location. This application can also be used to obtain the accurate location of your business property. And same can also be used to put the link on your business web site under locate us. I am using MyLocation App to share My Location are you?

To allow this application to work properly. Please provide all the required permission specially location and internet access to this app.

Disclaimer: We have tried our best to provide the most accurate location. However there is possibility that location available with you may not be correct and it may be older location.

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