Accelerometer sensor Calibrator

Accelerometer sensor Calibrator

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Using this simple small App you can easily restore your device's Accelerometer sensor.

In some devices/cases your phone's Accelerometer get stuck and you get problems using screen orientation in videos playback or games, this small App can help you restore the Accelerometer sensor in few easy steps.

Accelerometer sensor can stop working due to many reason like device drop, heavy shocks, water and bad configuration, just give it a try to fix it.

Note: If you can't fix the sensor using this app, that mean you have a hardware problem, and the only solution is to replace the sensor chip.

Accelerometer chip Use what's called MEMS or "Micro-Electro-Mechanical, these chip can get stuck and doesn't not work properly as expected, this Micro Mechanical system can get stuck due to a high shock to the device, so to preposition the MEMS a small shock procedure by following the steps can make it work.

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