Modern Jet War Fighter: Shooting Game

Modern Jet War Fighter: Shooting Game

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The most advanced Flight Simulator and Jet War Modern, Jet War Fighter - 2 Fighter Airplane Shooting Combat, Jet War Fighter Airplane Shooting Combat is the modern enemy sky jet war fighters are striking on your country borderland & cities. Take charge and combat attack on the enemy airplane fighters. Your mission is to take charge of powerful anti-aircraft gun and combat airstrikes to destroy your enemies in intense and bloody sky battle. Take control of powerful modern weaponry in this extreme sky battle. Fight against warplanes that destroyed cities as you strategically protect your base from enemy attacks. Survive wave after wave of sky assaulting forces. Shoot rockets at flying aircraft to blast them in the air,,

The most advanced fighter plane combat and fighting simulator Jet War Fighter Airplane Shooting Combat game provides a huge air force fleet attacking experience and provides an opportunity to take command on legendary anti aircrafts guns and fight for domination on the sky. The destroying aircraft has its unique realistic combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance. When enemy air force fighter jets attack you then your quick action is to strike them back hardly. Hit accurately enemy planes to complete the mission & unlock the next level. A great vicious sky clash is waiting for you. Destroy all the enemy aircrafts and crash the fighter jets; show no mercy for enemy. Experience an intense, aggressive ultra-air combat combining long-range air strikes and close range attacks of modern jet war fighter.

Modern Jet War Fighter - Game features:

1-Addictive War Real Heavy Gun Shooting Experience.
2-Find the Target by Using the Gun Sight. Tap the Shooting Icon on the Right.
3-Use the rotation sensor to play the game.
4-Shoot All Fighter Jets One by One by Tapping the Gun Shooting Icon.
5-Advanced flight physics tuned to be both realistic and fun.
6-Modern War and Combat Adventure Gameplay Effects
7-Best Rocket launcher shooting Game

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