Goblin Sword Camera

Goblin Sword Camera

نسخه ۵.۲
نصب فعال
عکاسی و ویدیو

Make your photos like pierced by a sword goblin, so it looks like goblins korea drama and goblin games

Intruction :
★ Open image from gallery
★ Choose your favourite Goblin Sword, goblin korea drama, dan goblin games
★ Drag it to your photo
★ You can resize and rotate it with multi touch
★ Preview your Goblin Sword with click next button
★ Share your photo to your friends

Features :
★ All Goblin Sword effects are in high quality (HD) picture, make your goblin korea drama photo look real and nice
★ Upload photo from photo gallery
★ Save your photo to your Device
★ Share your cool photo on sosmed

Have much fun and enjoy Goblin Sword ! Thank you in advance for your good reviews

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