Wrestling Game - Funny Wee Wrestle ROFL 🤣🔥

Wrestling Game - Funny Wee Wrestle ROFL 🤣🔥

نسخه ۱.۰.۳
نصب فعال

Get ready to rumble! Punch, kick, and wrestle your way through to be the immortals.

Play as funny characters from the pro wrestling raw revolution such as John, Cliff, Hulk, Brock and Vladmir.

If you like mexican wrestling, then this lucha libre game offers a masked mexican toughguy wrestler too! Be prepared to cause mayhem and mania in this 2k wrestling game.

Smack down your opponents, then throw them out of the ring! Wee games have never been this fun! Just like from the old school days, where 2 player wrestling games determine the champion via royal rumble, aka survival mode and last man standing.

Collect coins to upgrade your favourite wrestler supercards in the shop.

Need to perform a spectacular wwd feat? Climb the ropes, time your jumps and dive on the opponent. BOOM 🔥🔥 and rock your opponent.


- Simple controls to maximize fun. Start kicking and punching right away! 💪
- Entertaining wresling comedy theme 💪🔥
- Clever and not so clever computer opponents. Just like on TV! 😂😂🤣
- Fight, collect coins, upgrade then fight again! Spend hours playing the game. 💪
- Fill up your rage meter, and performing unstoppable RAGE attacks. 💪😡🤬

- This is an early access version, and we're still fixing bugs and collecting feedback. Be sure to send us some feedback!

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