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Market 24h Clock

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(This is the UTC Edition. To Use the App in YourTimeZone visit Market24hClock+: )

The goal of the Market24hClock is not to simply display trading hours but to show:
- what time is the most important for traders
- what time is the most profitable for you.

What we mapped onto the Market 24h Clock:

- Current status (Trading Hours) of 18 world’s major Stock markets;
Learn more:

- 5 Forex Sessions (as the most influential world markets grouped):
Pacific session. Asian Session. European Session. Middle East Session. American Session.
Learn more:

- Market Activity Sectors: periods of highest activity on Forex market, when strong price movements take place, highlighted in real time;
Learn more:

- Strategic Points of time, when the most important events affecting Forex market usually take place.
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All these features are arranged to be displayed on Market 24h Clock.
The Clock shows the entire trading day – 24 hours so that you could continuously observe and track the Forex market. As the hour hand moves, markets and Market Activity Periods are lighten up.
This makes the Market 24h Clock the unique tool for Forex or stock market traders that saves your time!

Learn everything about the Market 24h Clock here:

This App is Market 24h Clock UTC Edition. Here you’ll find:

- Market 24h Clock with a list of markets beneath, which you can tap on to load main info about Regular Trading Sessions displayed by the Clock.

Market 24h Clock time is set to UTC to help avoid issues with daylight savings time. Using the Market 24h clock in your local time is available in Market 24h Clock+ app:

- Markets Local time:
a set of Market Clocks, each showing local time and regular trading session of a given stock market. When you need to know what time it is on any particular market and what is its status, this app page is for you.

- Alarms and Notifications:
You can set multiple notifications, any time interval (in minutes), for opening and closing of any particular market. Alarms are easily managed.

- Trading Hours:
List of 18 Stock and Financial Markets. Tap on any market to see its current status, local time and trading hours both local (for a market) and in your time zone.

- Holidays Calendar:
holidays for markets displayed by the Market 24h Clock for current week or any month in advance.

- Light and dark layouts:
choose between light and dark layouts for entire app.

This app makes it easier to observe the Forex Market, understand its moves in any particular moment of time and plan your strategy of entering and exiting the market.
Our goal is to save your time!
We wish you a successful trading!

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