Modern Lumberjack Jungle Duty

Modern Lumberjack Jungle Duty

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Let's bring you a wonderful exciting idea of Modern Lumberjack Jungle Duty 2016. Start your professional career as cargo timberman and perform duty in a jungle as timber transporter. Every level in this game is based on a story and different in terms of duties of lumberjack man. Take your driver towards the lumberjack and ride timberman on it to start driving. Drive lumberjack and carefully park it near farm area and use excavator controls of the lumberjack to grab wood logs.

The gameplay of Modern Lumberjack Jungle Duty is really beautiful jungle simulation with offroad Riverside valley, jungle farm life, and soothing natural scenes. Enjoy lumberjack offroad driving and transport cargo using your lumber vehicle. You have to rescue a tourist jeep with a lumberjack, the jeep is stuck in stones between the farm. Move your lumberjack towards the 4x4 jeep and hit it with lumberjack to rescue it from stones. Begin your cargo transport duty as professional lumberjack driver in jungle farm.

It's wonderful to drive lumberjack and work as timberman in a jungle. Play as a professional lumberjack offroad driver of the modern era and transport lumber to fulfil wood needs of the country. Modern Lumberjack Jungle Duty 2016 is really exciting because you have to drive 4x4 vehicle, you will enjoy excavator machine, you will have control of third person controller and many more scenarios in one game. It's the first idea of manual excavator controls of a lumberjack in mobile gaming.

★★★ Features★★★

♦ Amazing driving controls and time challenging gameplay
♦ 10 different exciting and challenging levels for user fun
♦ Use excavator controls to safely grab wood logs
♦ Third person controller as lumberjack driver
♦ Awesome excavator controls of lumberjack
♦ 4x4 vehicle drive to transport wood cargo
♦ Different camera views of all vehicles
♦ Beautiful jungle farm simulation
♦ 4 different real lumberjacks

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