Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks

Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks

نسخهٔ ۱.۵.۱
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی سرگرمی
حجم ۱۱۹ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۰ بهمن ۰۱
Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks

Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks

Lightricks Ltd.
نسخهٔ ۱.۵.۱
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی سرگرمی
حجم ۱۱۹ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۰ بهمن ۰۱
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Create amazing digital art & stunning photo creations with Photoleap's powerful AI image generator and image effects. Powerful photo editing tools, graphic design, digital art & more, at your fingertips.

Whether you're looking for a picture editor, building graphic designs from scratch, or just adding a magical touch to your photos, Photoleap is the all-in-one design app you need. Enjoy NEW photo effects!:

- Picture retouch to create HD photos out of old snapshots
- Instant photo effects will revive & restore your photos until they look brand new
- Photo effects & advanced editing tools to sharpen pixelated or blurred photos
- Retouch old photos to look natural & realistic with professional-level tools, in one easy tap
- Give family portraits a new glow! Easy photo editing will refresh your old photos and give them a new edge
- Give color & brighten your memories with natural & easy-to-use photo editing tools

- Easy-to-use photo editing to add stunning backdrops to your photos
- Try the background eraser to remove & replace what you don't like
- Create clean packshots to use for social media & graphic design
- Easy-to-use photo effects to add visuals to your picture backdrop before you share with your friends

Prefer to start from scratch? Use the AI image generator to watch your imagination come alive & create works of art, instantly.

- Turn your selfies into works of art with AI avatars
- Input your photos, pick an art style & watch your avatars come to life
- Create abstract, deep dream AI paintings with advanced neural networks
- New AI technology turns your selfies into whatever art style you dream of.
- Animate yourself into your favorite paintings or cartoons, or design a completely new look for yourself and your family

Photoleap is part of the award-winning Lightricks suite of apps, which includes a wide range of video and image editing solutions. Among them:
- Videoleap, the Video Editing Tool
- Facetune, the Selfie Photo & Video Editing Tool
- Lightleap, the Professional Image Editing Tool
- Boosted, the Marketing Video Editor & Maker

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