Lifetap Life Counter for MTG

Lifetap Life Counter for MTG

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Lifetap is a clean, simple, and free life tracker for your games of Magic: The Gathering. It loads lightning fast, allows for massive 6 player games of EDH / Commander or Three-Headed Giant, and even supports Planechase.

Main features:
- Supports 2 to 6 players, AND also includes a One-player mode that still tracks incoming commander damage and counters (poison, experience, etc)
- Image customization: set your player background to the art of one of Magic: The Gathering's more than 20,000 cards! Or two - partners are supported.
- Color customizations: mix and match colors; literally millions of color combinations are possible!
- Player profiles: each profile with a customized name is automatically saved to memory along with their card art and/or color customization, letting you load your profile in just a few taps!
- Planechase support: spice things up with a full suite of Planechase cards within the app.
- Tracks life AND Commander damage (partner commander damage included) in a unique, intuitive way!
- Also tracks Poison counters, Treasure tokens, Experience counters, Commander tax, Monarchy, and City's Blessing.
- Quickly reset games to starting life of 20, 25, 30, or 40 - your choice. Optionally, let the app randomize seating for you to keep things interesting.
- Life increments of 1 (tap) or 10 (hold).
- A dice roller that can randomly pick a player, an opponent, and roll one of many dices - or a coin.
- Mana and storm counters to help players who are storming off keep track of floating mana and spells so far cast.
- iPad support.
- Optional haptic feedback.
- Crash protection: unlike most other life counters, life totals are saved to memory, so crashes or phones rebooting won't affect the active game!

More features are in the works, and if you have any specific feature requests, please email me!