Real Battle War Strategy Of Animal

Real Battle War Strategy Of Animal

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Lead your animal army to victory in war of wild command to to hunt down all other enemies and to conquer. This royale of animals presents to you with rivals & with a real-time strategy game on mobile. Massive tactical battles to dominate your enemy with commanders. Customize your army in this game of epic war and rise to the top of epic battle army to conquer and strategically direct your forces to earn every victory. Use your animal warriors and lordz as a hero warrior with some tactical war strategies and tini gladiators in this best strategy game of ancient warriors. A perfect wars strategy requires an defense. Use your combat skills and fight to claim victory.

Take control of your army the strategy behind your skills determines victoryy or defeat and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man of standing! Fight as as the prince of the battle of warrior fighting in jungle and survive till the end. Show your army deployment skills, choose the right troops for battle and arrange your troops to man the defenses. Victories will allow you to participate in the top leagues and boost your ranks, as well as your clans ranks of animals. Uncover all the secrets of kingdoms in combat strategies in roman war. This battle simulator games is the best roman war games of animal and ancient warriors of animal game for you. Save your kingdoms as it has been attacked by your enemies.

Control is power, play as tactical war simulators. Defeat your foes and conquer and expand your kingdoms jungle territory. Fight your way through many epic battles. Secure your troops and war heroes, fight with a dragon, defeat your warlordz opponents. Fight and attack on lion, tiger, gorilla, cheetah, cougar, zebra, anaconda snake and many other wild beast animals having different warfare skills. Upgrade your war heroes and kingss with legendary skills to clashs in the battle arena in RPG. Plan your tactics for the battles ahead. Use strategies for counter attacks. Gather your military allies and make use of different tactics on the battlefield to achieve victoryy. Melee, ranged, cavalry and heavy soldiers are waiting for you. Choose from a variety of fighters and place them in battleground. Defend your headquarter with your great armed forces. This time it is world war! This real animal shooter and starz warrior with real time war simulators. Invent different victorious strategies. Take part in the World War of animals. Enjoy survival squad battleground to a thrilling epic scale. Fight with rivals in intense shooting battles in the survival battleground and defeat the unknown shooting players. The real greek warrior battle army has to win over the clashing in this army sim fighting games and free actions of games.

• Multiple addictive missions.
• Realistic environment with HD Graphics.
• Realistic battleground sounds.
• Easy, smooth controls.
• Multiple variety of powerful soldiers.
• Soldiers upgrade system!
• 6 different armies to choose from: small, large, epic, beast, fantasy and robot.