Lily Wallpapers

Lily Wallpapers

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Elegant lilies make beautiful wallpapers for spring and all year round!

Lilies are unique in the flower world because of their grand, beautiful blooms with large petals. Outstretched, a lily bloom can measure 5-6 inches or more! These incredible blooms give lilies an especially striking presence in gardens, pots and cut flower arrangements. There are many different types of lilies including native varieties as well as carefully cultivated hybrids. These flowers come in varying shapes and sizes (up to 6 feet tall!) and feature unique colors and patterns on their petals. Lilies may be white, pink, purple, blue or even brown! While some lily varieties, such as the popular Easter lily, are well known in the Americas, other more exotic varieties are popular in Asian countries, where they are used for both culinary and aesthetic purposes. In flower symbolism, lilies, particularly white lilies, are typically thought to represent purity or chastity, though over time lilies of other colors have taken on different meanings.

Enjoy beautiful, elegant lilies every day with these stunning wallpapers!

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