Bird Sounds

Bird Sounds

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From simple tweets and chirps to beautiful birdsongs, this app has them all!

Birds can be heard anywhere, from wilderness forests to suburban backyards. But not all birds sound alike! There is incredible diversity in the types of sounds that birds can make.

Birds such as the canary, robin and sparrow are well-known for their beautiful voices and can be heard singing their unique songs for the entire world to hear. Other wild birds such as cardinals and orioles can also be heard whistling their songs in the early morning. Cockatiels, a popular type of pet bird, frequently whistle and chirp to communicate with their owners and other birds. But not all birds have such melodic voices… Hawks make loud screeching screams as they fly high in the sky and crows use a harsh caw sound to communicate. Quacking and honking are also bird sounds made by the water-loving duck and goose. While most birds are only heard during the day, nocturnal owls wake at night to hunt and can be heard calling out with an eerie hoo-hoo noise.

This app is great for birdwatchers who can learn to identify various bird sounds as a trick for spotting these beautiful birds in the wild! Everyone will have a blast listening to strange bird sounds too – an activity that is both fun and educational at the same time!

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