Land Area Measurement

Land Area Measurement

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Distance calculator map land measurement with gps technology use to land area survey and compass directions on maps. It is very helpfull for you distance measure on maps in the realtime.
Compass online with maps will new feature that we provided in this application. You can find qibla direction in maps compass or digital compass.
Land area measurement by walking or use hand finger click more than three points on maps. The application will auto calculate area and show result in the screen. Area land calculator app can easy search any where in the world to area measure on maps in one some seconds.

Measure distance on map: here is feature is great to you can use calculate distance from A to B location or any where. You only use hand fingers and click more than 2 points. Measure distance app auto calculate exactly result then show for you.
Area calculator land survey: If you go to travel and explore any area land you can use this application to calculator.
Accurate compass: When you enable GPS location this application will get latitude and longitude from current your location then directional on maps. You can compass free download on store and use full function that we provide.
* Direction:
- S is the south
- W is the west
- E is the east
- N is the north
Qibla location finder : Here is great function compass qibla direction. It can find exactly location on maps in the realtime.
Area land calculator you can measure area by walking on maps to area land survey.
If you have any feedback to build Land area measurement and distance measure the application. Please contact to me via email: We will research and improve it become is better.

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