Anti stress app | stress relief games

Anti stress app | stress relief games

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Kitchen Tale brought to you an Anti Stress app Relaxing games for you.

This game contains a lot of stress free activities. Use our Antistress kit game to enjoy lots of relaxation toys.
If you are stressed out, in your life. We have the right stress treatment apps for you.
We have lots of oddly satisfying activities to make you calm and make your life fun and super stress free.

Get ready to release your anger on super satisfying anti stress balls, Squeeze them kneel them with your hands to release your anger in order to manage your life again and give a nice treatment to your brain.

With other super satisfying kits, we have our special calming music activity where you can listen to super calming and mind relaxing music to manage your anger to make your life healthier and happier. Enjoy Listening to winds, Chimes, Bamboos and other brain refreshing voices like horse taps and a sound of clouds , Rains and many other oddly satisfying ASMR Musics.
Listening to your favorite food like chips, cookies and other edibles this is very fun to hear.
If you love playing with toys then we have large number of relaxing toys for you. Squishable balls and toys are very fun playing with.
The widget I like the most among my kit is bubble wraps because it is very my favorite activity as child to pop some bubble out of bubble wraps.
If you are free and do not know what to do we have the right kind of thing to do for you. It is Corn out of Cob activity you have to remove corns out of Cob and removing seed from watermelon and dragon fruits to manage your anger and frustration.
In recent studies it is found that people are often facing lots of headaches every day because they always focus on their daily works they do not spend time anything other than work. We know lots of people are in need of games like depression relievers. so we decided to make one for you to deal with the depressions.
This app contains lots of entertaining activities like ASMR Sounds and Bamboo Sounds, metal chime and windchimes for our users. Color therapy is always the best therapy to divert your attention. Included pixel art coloring.

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