Talking clock

Talking clock

نسخه ۱۰۰.۰
نصب فعال

When he shakes the phone, he says the time. It can also be configured by passing the hand.

It works with the screen off.

You can configure:
• An initial greeting: It sounds before telling the time, practical if we want to give us time to bring the mobile to the ear. Example: 'Grandmother,'.
• Volume: Sets the volume.
• Force G: Necessary force when shaking the mobile to sound.
• Proximity sensor check: If it is marked, just move your hand to the mobile to sound.
For the configurations you have to click on the key down to the right.

To put it to work just push the power button, it will be working if it is blue. The application starts a background service, if we close the application and the service is still started, to stop it, simply re-open the application and press the power button again.

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