Real Manual Bus Simulator 3D

Real Manual Bus Simulator 3D

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Get your driving licence from city driving school & start working as school bus driver. Use clutches and gears to steer gigantic bus in suburban streets. Real Manual Bus Simulator 3D is the latest simulation game in which you learn to drive big buses manually.

After huge success of manual truck and car parking games, now practice the parallel parking and reverse driving. First press clutch and then shift gear manually from the gearbox. Release the acceleration pedal and start steering the high-tech city bus on roads. Manual bus driving is just like any public transport as handling a revved truck or car simulator. No need for guides or instruction manuals. Transmit race through supercharged engine and experience reckless driving in city streets. Forget the taxi driver job and make money by transporting passengers or school kids as a bus driver. Drive safe in streets and avoid wrecking bus into traffic cars secretly. Follow the traffic light signals so that your driving licence don’t get revoked. Maneuver big wheeler supercharger buses like a real trucker. Show your colleagues truck parking skills of a driving enthusiast in this bus automania.

Tired of playing as a dumper truck driver to clean trash in countryside area? Now explore a vast 3D city environment with a real bus simulation game. From a mediocre taxi driver become a pro bus driver to provide pick and drop for passengers. Don’t go for car demolition or burning tyres with skidmarks. Drive big vehicles and become the best bus driver in town. Manual shift gears of your automobile and press race pedal to gain torque. Drive super fast to reach destination before deadline and earn a hefty paycheck. Beware of traffic rush and avoid car accidents while steering gigantic bus on real roads.

Real Bus Simulator 2016 Features:
◆ Enjoy career mode as well as free bus driving mode
◆ Play 10 challenging levels in suburban town
◆ Drive multiple buses in different scenarios like rain or sunlight
◆ Realistic bus controls and manual gearbox for smooth driving & parking
◆ Massive 3D city to explore with high-tech vehicles
◆ Immersive graphics with dashboard view and side mirrors

Download Real Manual Bus Simulator 3D game for unending fun driving in suburban town.

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