Farsi keyboard - English to Persian Keyboard app

Farsi keyboard - English to Persian Keyboard app

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Farsi keyboard app for android: The Best easy Persian typing keyboard app to write in native Farsi language. This new English to Farsi typing keyboard allows you to type in Roman Farsi as well. Write in English keyboard using native Farsi, This new Farsi Keyboard app will automatically convert English fonts into Farsi Roman Farsi. Easy Farsi typing Keyboard support both English and Farsi writing. English to Farsi Keyboard typing Features allows you to switch On/Off Roman Farsi. 

Easy Persian typing keyboard is easy to use and help to write in Persian language. This Easy Persian keyboard app is specially designed for the Persian speaking people who adore writing in their native languages. New Persian typing keyboard allows you to chat on messenger and write type Persian on all social networks. 

With English to Farsi keyboard app you can write all Farsi letters and words very fast and easily. Farsi language Keyboard having more than 500 Emoji and it is fully free to use in your text message.

Farsi typing app provides you Farsi language keyboard so, you can type through Farsi keypad. This Farsi keyboard app is the easiest keyboard to type in Farsi language.

Easy Persian Typing allows you to write all Persian characters and words. Persian Keyboard Typing have different themes and 1000+ Emoji to help you write yours messages and chat more affective and looks good. Change keyboard from Persian to English and English to Persian. This new Persian Typing app is specially designed for numeric fields and Emails Fields. Easy English to Persian Keyboard has also contain numeric and Email Keyboard which will automatically open when cursor is found in these specific fields.

New English to Farsi Keyboard app is an amazing tool for Farsi writer and must to use this Farsi keypad for your day with different types of features. Download Farsi Keyboard and type in Farsi language. Share with others.

 Download this English to Farsi keyboard and don't forgot to give us your feedback. For this English to Farsi keyboard app please give us your best suggestion for future.

Key Features: 

★ Different themes are designed with color combination. Select theme that suit you
★ Thousands of Emoji are designed for Persian keyboard 
★ Change from Persian to English Keyboard and from English to Persian keyboard. 
★ Turn On/Off Roman Persian in English Keyboard. Just Turn Fast Persian On to write in Persian using English Keyboard
★ Persian English keyboard is complete Persian English language keypad to type and write in roman Persian language.
★ In new keyboard Persian English user can easily make conversation in roman Persian words and English words with its high quality Persian input text and easy Persian typing font. It is best Persian input keyboard for download.

How to use New Farsi Keyboard: 

✔Install New Farsi Keyboard app. Enable it in settings with Farsi keypad.
✔Open Farsi typing app where you want to type Start typing.
✔Go to setting to On/Off different features
✔ Roman Farsi On/Off features to write Farsi Using English Keyboard. 
✔You can turn it into Farsi keyboard app just turn Farsi keypad for Android in settings and update your status and sent messages to your friend or loved ones.
✔Enjoy Farsi writing with beautiful Farsi Keyboard.

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