Cream Candy Rain - Match 3 Game

Cream Candy Rain - Match 3 Game

نسخه ۱۲۸۸
نصب فعال

Cream Candy Rain is a brand new match 3 puzzle game like no other! Cream Candy Rain has more than 200 levels, and more levels will be added regularly, every level is designed professionally. It makes you keep playing for FREE!

Immerse yourself into this yummy Cream Candy Rain where garden strawberry, green apple, fresh blueberry, juicy orange and delicious grapes are everywhere. Bomb your way out and enjoy the fun of addictive match 3!

Cream Candy Rain Features
✔ Popular and addictive match-3 gameplay
✔ Cute and juicy fruit graphics
✔ Whip your way through Fruits House, Fruits Castle, Fruits Factory
✔ Break up all breads, chocolate and ice to pass levels
✔ Stock up on chestnuts, mushrooms to bomb through fruity maps
✔ Get social! Challenge and compete with your friends inside the game and get rewarded!

All fruits lovers! Download Cream Candy Rain and collect juicy fruits now!

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