Business english speaking app

Business english speaking app

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In this application you will be able to learn and listen common English words. Business english speaking app. During the training you need listen english phrase and choose the correct answer from the options.

Easy to use - you listen and repeat words during the training. All phrases are available in the application. English for bank exams study material. You just need to train every day.

English learning games. With this application you may study new words. Just listen english phrases and repeat word by word. Business english speaking app.

Application doesn't have any limits for new words studying. You can repeat all exercises many time during the day. English for bank exams study material.

This application is effective and interesting way to learn new english words. English learning games.

• All phrases are organized in topics.
• Business english speaking app.
• Daily indicator will help you to track progress.
• Application works offline and doesn't need internet connection. English for bank exams study material.
• This app is free and contains ads.
• English learning games.