Breakfast Cooking - Healthy Morning Snacks Maker

Breakfast Cooking - Healthy Morning Snacks Maker

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Good Morning Kids! Its best to start your day with a nutritious healthy breakfast.Tie up your aprons in the morning because its breakfast time. Junior games studio presents a new kids game. Learn to cook your own breakfast in the kitchen. Make Delicious mouthwatering Pan cakes , fry omelettes, sausages bacon or cook breakfast sausage & boiled Eggs, make yummy smoothies and toast bread in toaster to eat with jam or butter.Prepare Milkshake and orange juice or choose your favorite cereal for a traditional morning ritual.

How To Play

Choose you favorite morning snacks to cook
Collect all the ingredients such as eggs, veggies, butter, bacon, milk and fruits to make healthy breakfast combo.
Cook to perfection following the game guidelines.
Customize your breakfast options, decorate & use various chef skills to make you perfect breakfast.
Share your breakfast recipes with your hungry friends and families.

Experience real cooking in a virtual kitchen and choose from various breakfast recipes.
No need to find breakfast restaurants near you, learn to cook amazing healthy breakfast playing this free Breakfast Maker.

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