Witch Match Puzzle

Witch Match Puzzle

نسخه ۲۱.۱۱۲۵.۰۰
نصب فعال
۵۷ مگابایت

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💝💝💝 The magical world I've dreamed of once! 💝💝💝
🎃🎃🎃 Welcome to a fun Halloween party. 🎃🎃🎃

Start an exciting puzzle-solving adventure with the mysterious little witch!
If you clear all the missions given for each level, you might become a powerful wizard.

I'm so curious how many steps you can go through your adventure
Now the little witch and her friends are waiting for your challenge.

How to play
💬 Move the candy with your fingers and put three or more candies of the same color side by side. And then it explodes. Challenge until the given mission is completed

Features of the game
🔹 You can be with a fun character with a Halloween vibe.
🔹 There are over 500 exciting free stages.
🔹 Play as much as you want without limitations on the challenge. There are no restrictions like hearts here.
🔹You can enjoy it with just one hand and simple operation
🔹 I don't know myself smiling! I don't know how time is going!
🔹 You can play the game offline without a data connection (internet).

🔸 This product includes partial paid items and in-game money payment functions.
Please note that when you pay for partial paid items and game money, actual billing will be incurred.
🔸 Contains interstitial and video ads.
🔸 Digital products purchased in games are subject to the 'Consumer Protection Act in E-commerce, etc.' Accordingly, withdrawal of subscription may be possible or restricted.

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