White Magic spells and rituals

White Magic spells and rituals

نسخه ۱۱
نصب فعال
سبک زندگی

Fantastic application of white magic that brings us closer to the wonderful esoteric world of occultism and witchcraft with its magic spells.

Explain the basic concepts of white magic and offer some magical spells and rituals so you can get started in sorcery without any difficulty.

Information and spells are easy to perform and have no difficulty.

You can find spells of different categories such as protection spells that will help protect us from dark magicians and black magic, you can also find good luck spells and love rituals, you will also find other categories that you can see within the application.

You will also find some positive spells to eliminate witchcraft.
It includes definition and explanation of what is witchcraft and white magic.

You will find information of the magic elements and the information of the armanen runes.

The developer of this application is not responsible for the misuse of this application and rituals.

Remember that the esoteric spells of white magic must be used with respect and always for positive actions. Enchantments use a lot of spiritual energy to attract positive energy and good luck at our side.

I hope that this book of spells and information with its magical rituals will help you to get started in white magic. ;-)

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