Colorful SMS Theme

Colorful SMS Theme

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There are a lot of SMS wallpaper themes free for your Android phone but you need to be careful when you get one of them. Colorful SMS Theme was special made for the persons that want’s an amazing quality SMS theme.
Our SMS pro themes are fantastic high quality with amazing texting backgrounds. Get this theme and change the way you send text messaged with those beautiful vivid colors. Give you device the awesome texting background it deserves. Download now this new Colorful SMS Theme and if you like it share it with your friends.

If you need an instantly new look for your Android SMS theme, we have something sensational, for free, just for you! The change will be guaranteed in the way your text messaging app looks with this free SMS theme: Colorful SMS Theme. If you love sending text messages you need to try SMS messenger themes. You will have one of the best theme for SMS!

The easiest way to get a new amazing texting theme app

Download Colorful SMS Theme; This free SMS theme for Android works on all Android versions;
Open the app and swipe;
Select "Set Active Theme", wait a few seconds and you are DONE!
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Start enjoying this fantastic new way to send text messages!

Important Notice
This free custom SMS theme works with the GO SMS Pro or the New Messenger Version 2020 app. If you don't have GO SMS Pro or New Messenger Version 2020 installed on your Android device, don't worry at all. This SMS theme will safely tell you the easy steps to obtain one of those! When you open the Colorful SMS Theme you will receive complete instructions to download it.

Do you want more free SMS themes for your Android device?
Visit our amazing developer page! We always have new custom SMS themes and many other personalization apps that work on Android phones! Choose the theme you like from all our free SMS themes or just try them all! Colorful SMS Theme is a beautiful free theme for those special text messages you send.

When using Colorful SMS Theme, you will get all the best features of the messaging app:
•✧message encryption and privacy protection,
•✧ keyword blocking and blacklisting to filter spam and unwanted messages;
•✧amazing fonts that you choose.

Change the way you send text messages forever with our amazing SMS theme, Colorful SMS Theme! We promise, you won’t regret it!

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