GO Keyboard Animal Sounds Pack

GO Keyboard Animal Sounds Pack

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Are you tired of texting without any fun?
Do you want some interesting animal sounds while texting?
Most important, text fun! What does the fox say!

The collection of free sounds for GO Keyboard application includes 4 sound themes (each theme contains 4 sounds: one sound for the space bar, one for delete key, one for enter key and one sound for the other keys). Total 16 sounds for free!

Lists of sound:
✓ Cat
✓ Dog
✓ Frog
✓ Lion

1. It uses GO Keyboard, you should have GO Keyboard installed to use it; Click here to redirect to the app which has 10000+ colorful themes available and 800+ emoji free to use.
2. After downloading the GO Keyboard, please click open GO Keyboard icon -> Sound And Vibrate -> Sound style -> Slide to choose the sound you like
3. Sound is on!

Give us a five star if you like us. If you have problems, recommendations or additional fun sound, please email us or report on our Facebook page. We will deal with it together.
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