StoryClick - highlight story art maker for Insta

StoryClick - highlight story art maker for Insta

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StoryClick - highlight story art maker for Insta

StoryClick - highlight story art maker for Insta

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نسخهٔ ۵.۱
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی شبکه‌های اجتماعی
حجم ۷ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۲ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۰
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Story Editor : Story Creator for Instagram

Using Story Editor you can create unique and popular stories for your social media.

In Story Creator app there are so many latest, beautiful and trending templates which suits your occasions.

Story Maker app content lots of well design templates so you can easily create beautiful stories to share in the Instagram story, Snapchat story, Whatsapp status or Facebook story and etc.

Each template is ready to use, just select your beautiful pics and a text which describes your feelings. And to add extra power to your picture there are many filter effects to use.

Using this application you can create following Beautiful Pic Story and free insta story templates and HG cover icon for free. If you are looking for Food, Fashion, Traveling, Love and wedding highlight than it is perfect for you as app has 5000+ highlight and story templates to decorate your Instagram profile.

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Wedding Photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Pre-wedding Stories like (5 Days to Go),(Save the Date) and many more.
- Groom Photography.
- Bride Photography. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Travel photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Like your vacation dairies
Ex :- Goa Dairies, Rajasthan Dairies ,Singapore Dairies, Dubai Tripes2019, France Trips and more. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">*Pet photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Create your lovely dog and cat pic.
- Show your love for pets and share your feelings on instagram, fb, Whatsapp</font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Underwater Photography</font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Your adventure stories maker
Ex:- Scuba diving, Parceling and many more. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Newborn Baby Photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Baby Stories.
- Share your best memorable baby’s every months pics</font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Fashion Photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Modelling photography.
- Be the Insta Queens and Insta Kings and attract your followers by your creativity

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Maternity Photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Baby Bum Photography Stories.
- Add Text like (Become DAD & MOM) </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Sport and Gym Stories. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- Like Before and After Body Transformation Pic.
- Show your successful stories. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”"> * Past and Present Photography. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- 10 Year Challenge Photo Maker Stories.
- Before and After Photo Stories. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Event Photo Graphics. </font>
<font color="“#727272”">- First Meet, First Pic, First Dating, First Gift, First Kiss
- Engagement.
- Capture your once in a lifetime event and show it to your fiends. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">Features: </font>
<font color="“#727272”"> - Easy to use
- Regularly updated Frames and themes
- Get premium frames for free</font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* Fonts</font>
<font color="“#727272”">More than 100 fonts with advanced text tools to set your moods </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* High-Quality Export</font>
<font color="“#727272”">Export your stories in high resolution and sharing to other platforms like Instagram Story, Snapchat Story, WhatsApp Status, and Facebook Story. </font>

<font color="“#AE00FF”">* No Account Required</font>
<font color="“#727272”">Just download Story Maker and start creating stories. No strings attached. </font>

Use Story Maker toolkit, designer and editor to create story collages with styles, colorful borders, and custom font & text with photos and videos..

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