.Inspeer: Get Inspired by Interactions with Peers

.Inspeer: Get Inspired by Interactions with Peers

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Get Started:
Login with your mobile or social account & enable your location to allow us to detect your city. Now, specify whether you are a tourist or local. You can then choose your top 3 preferences (as a tourist) or top 3 potentials (as a local), That’s it!
Based on your choices, you’ll be able to see relevant people and activities (called GiGs) around you, igniting the possibility of interaction with inspiring people.

What’s around you:
Our map-based product shows you real time people and activities nearby- in the upcoming 24 hours- who share the same set of interests & preferences with you. You can either request or offer a specific service to them.

Know your peers:
Before deciding to actually interact with anyone, you may tap on their profiles & check their engagement rate & quality of GiGs that are calculated based on their previous GiGs. If it’s exactly the one that you’re looking for, go for it.

Keep inspiring:
You will be asked to rate your GiGs at the end of each interaction, helping others to find & experience better moments. Our rating system is designed in a way to let you know the professionality of the persons who offer services (Quality of GiGs) and their commitment to show up on time (Engagement Rate). This helps us to record top rated GiGs and add them to our inspirations wall.

Inspiration Wall:
Get inspired through your peers i.e.;” Inspeered”. No matter where you are, you may find out the most inspiring activities and people around you in every city across the world to interact with, at-a-glance. The inspiration wall is the record of all top rated cities around the world, contributing the most inspiring GiGs. By tapping on any city, you may browse through various categories to view the top inspiring people.

Capture your moments:
As an offeror of a GiG, you can take a picture with the requester of the GiG and add it to the application as a memory. This would be saved on the “My Trail” page. GiGs with 4-5 rating will be shared on the Inspiration wall helping others to identify best GiGs. We make sure your moments are captured well.