نسخهٔ ۳.۶.۸
نصب +۱۰۰
دسته‌بندی امور مالی
حجم ۶۴ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۴ خرداد ۱۴۰۳


نسخهٔ ۳.۶.۸
نصب +۱۰۰
دسته‌بندی امور مالی
حجم ۶۴ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۴ خرداد ۱۴۰۳
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ininal Wallet Completely Renewed!

Ininal Card has renewed its design and expanded its product capabilities!

The most important feature that distinguishes the new ininal Card from the old one, is cash withdrawal! Cash withdrawal, which our users have been waiting for a long time, is now available 24/7 at ATMs and PttMatiks.

All you need to do is take the new ininal VISA Card from sales points and add it to your account.

Now it is very easy to have ininal account! Join ininal world in seconds just with your email and cell phone information!

With ininal, you can manage your balance and spending on your mobile phone 24/7, just like our 3 million trusted users.

With ininal Wallet, you can be your own captain, define your own limit and spend accordingly. You don't have to deal with debt, interest or credit score.

Download the renewed ininal Wallet and be a part of this world in seconds!

Why Should I Use ininal Wallet?

You can;
● Easily open a new account by only using your mobile phone number and e-mail information and quickly add your ininal Card to your account.
● View your ininal Card balance and transactions without using password.
● Purchase all game E-Pins and digital membership codes with a single click via ininal Wallet
● Create virtual cards for free, and use at online stores instantly.
● Instantly add balance to your ininal Card by using a debit or credit card.
● Send money to your card holder friends 24/7 and receive money from them.
● Find out where you can add balance to your card.
● Pay more than 300 types of bills with only one-click!

How to Use ininal Wallet?

● If you do not have an ininal account, you can open a new account in the ‘Register’ section.
● If you have already opened an account, you can log in with the same email / mobile number and password that you used to log in to the ininal Wallet.
● If you have previously added an ininal Card to your account, your card balance and recent transactions will automatically appear.
● If you have not added an ininal Card before, you can start using the ininal Card immediately by adding it from the “Add Card” section.
● If you don’t have any ininal Card, you can create virtual card and start to use it safely at online stores as you wish.
Who can use the ininal Card and what are the benefits?
● The ininal Card is valid everywhere.
● Anyone over the age of 13 can have an ininal Card.
● Offers & campaigns in games and online shopping sites.
● It provides a payment solution for those who pay “pay at the door fee” since they don’t own a credit card.
● You can withdraw your balance from the ATMs at any time.
Where can you get the ininal card?
You can purchase renewed ininal Cards from more than 15.000 points including Şok Market, Migros, D&R, Teknosa, Pratik İşlem, PTT, Vatan Computer and Kim Market.
Where can you top up your ininal Card?
You can add balance to your ininal Card through bank ATMs, Şok Market, Migros, D&R, Teknosa, Pratik İşlem, PTTMatiks and PTT branches, Vatan Bilgisayar, KİM Market, N Kolay points and ininal Wallet.

Special Offers and Discounts for ininal Card

You can follow ininal Card's campaigns, discounts and offers in the ‘Notifications’ section of the application. Don't forget to open notifications, follow us and don't miss the opportunities!
In order to open an account and use an ininal Card, you must be over 13 years old.

Customer Service: 0850 311 77 01

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