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SudoBlocks provides a genius twist on Block Games with the input of the Sudoku Mechanics and new strategic features.

This is what you get:

-Make 3x3 squares OR complete lines to keep the board clean;
-Know which tile is coming next so you can better develop your game strategy;
-Night Mode and several other templates;
-Undo - Did you place a tile in the wrong place? Tap "Undo" and do it again;
-Destroy - Is a block messing with your board? Tap to Destroy it;
-Rotate - Rotate clockwise one of the three tiles to be used;
-Swap - Change one of the 3 tiles you were offered;

With a clean and classic black and white layout, you can feel you are playing the game as if it was in a paper journal. We have transformed a common game genre, block games, and added the cleanliness and minimalism you are used with Infinity Games.

SudoBlocks is a tile-matching game that provides 3 games modes:

1. Standard - The game mode you are used on any block game but with power-ups and strategic mechanics as mentioned above.

2. Timed - You have a specific time to score as many points as possible. Combos can increase your available time.

3. Relaxing mode - We know you are used to relaxing with Infinity Games, so we couldn't forget an endless, relaxing mode. Make sure you try this mode.

SudoBlocks offers a fantastic block game + sudoku experience, powered with minimalism, strategy, relaxation and brain food.

Play and compete with your friends by checking your score against theirs on the Leaderboards.