Internet Speed Meter (Indian)

Internet Speed Meter (Indian)

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Indian Internet Speed Meter For Android Full Version

-> Speed Mobile Internet and WiFi And Use Of The Current Day As Well As Internet Speed Alerts In The Notification Bar (Notification)

-> Internet Speed Meter Settings To Notification-bar And Speed Meter Information.

-> Internet Speed Meter Start To Click Bottom Button To Start.

-> Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.

-> Internet And WiFi Download And Upload Speed Show

-> Graph To Monitor Last Minute Internet Activity.

-> Today's App Usage For Mobile And WiFi Total Data.

-> Real-time Speed Of Running Applications.

->To Indian Internet Speed Meter The Use Of Internet And Wi-Fi Daily-used Data Report And Show Date In Right-side

-> Consumer Reports Mobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days To Resolution Pictures And See The Total Traffic.

-> Live Internet Speed Meter Real Time Speed Update In Status Bar,Screen-lock And Notification.

-> Reset Data-used Mobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days Total Traffic.

-> Live Internet Speed Monitors Your Traffic Data For The Last 30 days.

-> Show Status bar Mobile and WI-Fi internet Speed.

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