iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner

iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner

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All PDF tools are now available in one spot! Editing and modifying PDF files is 100 % FREE and easy-to-use! Add a signature to your PDF document or edit and fill out PDF forms directly on your device in just a few seconds! iLovePDF mobile App is the perfect combination of a free PDF reader and a PDF editor that saves time to millions of people every day. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable document editor and boost your productivity while you are on the go.

iLovePDF gives you full access to all PDF tools on your favorite device without place and time limitations.

Included with iLovePDF Mobile App:

Annotate PDF: Simply highlight the relevant text in your PDF. Add notes and annotations to PDF document, leave comments, draw or insert images to PDF. Choose your format of annotation.

Sign PDF: Add a signature to your PDF file directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Fill PDF forms: Quickly fill out PDF forms and share them in a matter of seconds.

Merge PDF: Select multiple PDF documents and combine them into a single PDF file.

Split PDF: Split PDF pages or extract pages to multiple PDF documents with high quality.

Compress PDF: Choose and control the desirable size of your files using our PDF compressor tool. Reduce the size of your files while keeping their high-quality format.

PDF converter: Convert office documents to PDF files. Turn your PDF files into editable office formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

OCR scanner: Work with scanned documents on-the-go. Turn any scanned text or image into an editable PDF file with high accuracy.

Extract images from PDF: Extract images from your PDF document with high quality. Convert your own images to single or multiple PDF files.

Rotate PDF: Rotate specific PDF pages and adjust their fit within your document.

Unlock PDF: Upload a protected PDF and remove the password using our unlock PDF app tool.

Add page numbers to PDF: Customize your PDF files. Choose position, typography, and size of your page numbers.

Watermark PDF: Choose an image or a text and add it to your PDF document. Select position, transparency or typography for the best result.

Share PDF: Connect to your Google Drive and/or Dropbox account to select and/or share PDF files from the cloud.

PDF Reader: View, edit and modify PDF files stored in the cloud or on your device whenever you need.

iLovePDF mobile app is available in 25 languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

iLovePDF mobile app for editing PDF files is free for everyone in our basic version.
We offer several membership plans to meet your needs. Upgrade to one of our Premium accounts and enjoy all the benefits with this all-in-one versatile PDF editor. iLovePDF makes your days go by smoothly and more productive.

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