iPlay Music - Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player

iPlay Music - Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player

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♫♫ Listen to your favorite song with the Most Beautiful & User-friendly music player ♫♫

♪♪ Are you looking for the best music experience on your Android phone?
♪♪ iPlay Music - a music player with beautiful electro interface is the answer for you. It is a best music player with many outstanding features, compatible with all android devices.

Control audio player with new Swipe feature - only in iPlay Music:
iPlay Music offers a whole new music experience for you. We bring a tool called "Swipe". With swipe control, you can play music, transfer songs, select songs and more options anytime, anywhere without having to open the application. Use it very simply, just swipe your finger to open Swipe, you can swipe or select a song in the filter by genre, artist or playlist.
Swipe also has the option to control wifi, bluetooth control, auto-rotate, etc. We will gradually add more options in the next version.

Listen to free music anytime, anywhere with smart mp3 player:
The application will find and add all the tracks in your device, all formats like mp3, wma, ... are supported. Features on every music player: play song, shuffle, repeat list, Add music to playlist, set as default ringtones, options for songs in music library. Or, more conveniently, use the buttons in the notification bar of the music player.

Free Music: Millions of YouTube music:
A great feature supported by the Youtube API. Gives you top tracks, popular songs on Youtube. This feature allows you to play millions of tracks with all genres through a floating video player on the screen. You can also play video on Swipe. Additionally, you can also create a video playlist of your own.

Experience the most true Visualizer effect:
iPlay Music is a rare application that integrates visualizer effects in the music playback screen. It will bring you a detailed experience to every bit of music.

Variety theme store with many genres:
You can change the new theme for Swipe with the theme store of iPlay Music. There are many topics in this for you to choose: Love, Electro, Winter, Weather, etc ...

Five-Band audio equalizer with many options:
With iPlay iMusic, you can freely adjust the audio balance on five different frequency bands. We have provided adjusting options available for different genres: Pop, Rock, Hiphop, Dance, etc. You can select them for your favorite music.
You can also use the bass boost and virtualizer for the best experience.

Listen to music by category:
iPlay Music gives you the most intuitive view of the songs in your device. They will be sorted by album, artist, genre and list. So you can choose to play music on a particular topic or play song on your favorite list.
You can create playlists in the Playlist screen. Here you can add, edit or delete your songs and playlists.

Options for each song:
This mp3 player will allow you to use songs as ringtones, delete songs, share songs with people, or add to your favorite playlists.

Sleep timer feature:
Use this timer feature if you only want to listen to music for a certain amount of time.

Please note:
This app is NOT a music downloader, UNABLE to download music. But you can play music and songs that are stored on your phone and SD card !!
This app is Powered by YouTube API. All the content is provided by YouTube service. Free music player for YouTube does not have direct control over the content.
According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display videos when in lock screen, nor to enable you to download free songs.

★★★ This music player - mp3 player is good and you are motivating us to improve this audio player regularly based on your positive feedback.

♫♫ Enjoy the high-quality experience with quality sound. Its is simple & Yet the best looking free music app ♫♫

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