Cut The Banana: Free Monkey Rope Wrench Game

Cut The Banana: Free Monkey Rope Wrench Game

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Cut the banana is a wonderful puzzle game in which the goal is very simple, to get the little candy or banana in the monkeys mouth.To achieve this, you will have to cut one or more ropes and fight gravity and take care of the baby gorilla.Feed the little donkey and bring the kong an avalanche of candies and bananas intro his mouth.Cut down the rope and grab and eat the candy.The Yeti nom is the cutest om you can find in any game, it has large eyes, a big mouth and you have to feed it constantly with bananas so it'll grow big and strong.The Ape is very bouncy because he's hungry, stop him bouncing by giving him food.His tongue waits the little banana to fall into his mouth, don't let the cute gorilla cry!The small one wants to get back into the jungle, and become the new banana king help him escape from the evil zoo game!Put your brain on it and figure this puzzle out!


• Enhances memory
• Improves problem-solving skills
• Improves the brain's speed.
• Keeps you entertained for a long time.

Catch the Banana Rope Monkey Features:

• Fun physics based gameplay (swing the ropes in the air and catch the candy with the baboon/yeti)
• Engaging and Colourful cartoonish graphics
• Over 100+ Unique levels
• Adorable Gorilla character
• Collect fruits like bananas and chilis to get further in the game
• Surreal Gameplay
• Stay away from the lava
• Help the gorilla escape the zoo world into the jungle

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